Distance Learning Technology for Detroit School

Hello everyone!

We know it’s been awhile and hope this post finds you in good health. It’s been a challenging year and like many others, our school in Ghana has been closed due to Covid. During this unprecedented year, we wanted to find a way to support our local community so reached out to Ms. Jeffery from Martin Luther King Junior Education Center in Detroit to see how we could help support her classroom. She felt the use of an iPad would allow her to conduct and record virtual lessons for her students as they navigate distance learning. She would also be able to conduct online office hours and create lessons for her students to complete. Erica’s Global Outreach provided an iPad for Ms. Jeffery and we’re glad to hear her students have been mastering distance learning through engaging virtual lessons.

Note from Ms. Jeffrey: Having this iPad has greatly impacted the way I teach my students this school year. With technology being a very important component during distant learning, I have been very dependent on using this iPad while teaching my students. I have been able to download apps such as Class Dojo and Zoom which help me communicate with my students and their families.

My iPad has served as an everyday teaching tool and has helped to make teaching virtually easier. I am extremely grateful to have this iPad during these unprecedented times. My focus has always been on ensuring that my students get a quality education in order to reach their fullest learning potential and I have now been able to do just that with the addition of this iPad. My students and I thank you immensely!

With gratitude,
Ms. Jeffery  

Wishing you all a happy holiday and hope to reconnect in the near future!

– Erica’s Global Outreach

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