About Us


We are an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered with the IRS and the Attorney General of Michigan. Our main objective is to memorialize our friend, Erica Teevens, by performing charitable services through an assortment of projects, including but not limited to, funding orphanages, health sanitation, and educational projects. For now, we are concentrating our efforts in Ghana, where Erica was planning on volunteering a couple months before her accident, so that we can continue her dream and make it a reality. Erica’s Global Outreach is committed to partnering with people and other nonprofit organizations to build sustainable, healthy and productive lives and communities.

Our Projects


Our first project provided a water pump and tank system that would retrieve and contain the water for the village of Essakrom, Ghana. By collaborating with FL Faith Child and our contact Rebecca Birman, we were able to get a pump to pump water system from a borehole. This was really helpful for the community because it allowed for water to be more easily accessed and also allowed for constant access to water.



Erica Memorial Preparatory School is finally open as of August 2017 with one Pre-KG class! It has been a long, multi-year process where we ran into many obstacles but we wanted to thank everyone who made it possible for us to achieve this huge milestone!

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The Erica Memorial International School was established by Felix Kyere Yeboah from FL Faith Child Foundation on January 23rd 2012, and it is located in Essakrom, Ghana. Our volunteers went to help in the revitalization of an old donated building and made major repairs to the school.


Child Sponsorship

We have worked on several small projects for the FL Faith Child Foundation home, including the installment of electricity, constructing a toilet with a removal septic tank, and providing them with funds for food, school fees, books, etc. We are also working on creating viable projects for the home so that they have a sustainable means for income, including farming crops and raising livestock.



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