Erica's Global Outreach

A Non-Profit in Memory of Erica Teevens

Our Mission

Erica’s Global Outreach was started in honor of Erica Teevens, a former Novi High and GVSU student.  All throughout Erica’s Life, she shared her wealth of love, happiness, and compassion with everyone around her. Erica never had to think twice about helping others and seized every opportunity she had. Whether it was volunteering at the hospital or helping out her family and friends, she was always looking for ways to give back.  While in school, Erica was working towards a dream to go abroad to Ghana and volunteer at an orphanage.  Her plans, unfortunately, were cut short by her fatal car accident in February of 2011.   Her untimely passing was a shock to all of us, but this experience has inspired us to continue pursuing her dream.
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