Helping Refugees in Hong Kong Heal with Dance

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

As the leaves change colors and the cold weather approaches, we have been reflecting on the year that we have had so far. We are very happy with the progress we have made but we are also excited for what next year has in store for the organization and what other projects we may be able to support.

With that said, we have a exciting partnership we’d like to share!  Starting last month, we partnered with dance group RDZ, who puts on dance classes (specifically break dancing classes) for refugees that are currently living in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has long attracted those fleeing persecution, and although the city’s current refugee acceptance rate is low, that has not stopped people from seeking asylum in Hong Kong. Many are from South Asian countries such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

A mutual friend that previously lived in Michigan and now lives in Hong Kong (and had been acquainted with Erica) reached out to our organization with some interest to partner. This is our first affiliation in Asia – and hopefully the first of many more to come! We currently assist with their weekly transportation costs for the students to get to the studio, and we hope to continue to support them as other needs arise.

If you would like to support them directly, they have a Patreon site set up so you can make donations online!

We want to thank everyone, especially Erica’s family and friends, for the continued support. Because of you, we are able to carry on with our mission and provide to communities around the globe – whether that be in Ghana or Asia or here in the US. Thank you for always standing behind us.

Here are some pictures from their classes this month!


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