Michigan Taiwanese Fundraising Event

On Saturday, March 22 2014, the Michigan Taiwanese community came together to help us raise money for our new school. Read about our new school here. The event consisted of a presentation/Q&A session, sky lantern decorating, and dinner. Special thanks to the Jeng family, Nakashima family, Potbelly, and Starbucks for donating food/drinks. The event was a huge success. A big thank you to everyone who came out and donated! Your support means a lot to us!

H. & H. Chang, L. & S. Chang, B. & J. Chen, H. Chen, J. Chen, D. & M. Chi, P. Chuang , S. & W. Chuang, J. & F. Chung, S. & L. Fan, F. Giwa, S. & M. Henry, K. & H. Hong, B. & S. Huang, C. & T. Huang, W. Huang & C. Chu, S. & B. Jeng, S. Lai, A. Lee, P. Lee, C. & F. Liao, J. Liao, K. & K. Liao, C. & S. Lin, J. Lin, S. & Y. Lin, W. & K. Lin, M. Lu, E. & A. Nakashima, S. Samreth, K. Sun, H. & A. Wang, G. & C. Wen, S. Yeh, S. Yeh




Check out some of the event pictures here!

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