Q&A with Success

About Success Akpabli

We were introduced to Success during a trip to Ghana back in 2012 and have been working closely with her the last few years on managing the land, construction, and building of our school in Gbefi. She now manages the school and keeps us informed about the school progress and any challenges she runs into. It has been immensely helpful having Success and we greatly appreciate all the work she has put into this school!

Q: How many kids are at the school right now?

A: Now I have 16 kids. Attendance on most weeks is 10-11 kids.

Q: What is a typical day like?

A: Typical day at school is getting the kids to the premises, praying with them to start the day, reviewing what we learned previously (mostly songs and rhymes). Learn something new, more singing and recitals then we play a little and have nap time (which is usually an hour). They wake up and have lunch and a little more learning afterwards with painting or building with the magnetic bricks (which is their favorite). Then we start cleaning them up and get ready to close. 

Q: What is the best part about teaching?

A: I can proudly say our kids are smart. They can recite different rhymes or poems. Some of the kids need special attention but there’s something special about their smiles every morning as soon as they enter into the class.

Q: What are your biggest challenges with the school?

A: It is not easy convincing parents to send their kids to school because of the distance. Having our own means of transportation would help a lot. Also some kids go to school without having breakfast so a lot of what we charge goes back into feeding them.

Q: What items are needed the most at the school?

A: I would appreciate toys, diapers, teaching aids, vitamins, painting books etc… anything to make the kids happy. Also sanitizers and repellants for bugs and insects. 

Q: What are you looking forward to the most about the next school year?

A: I look forward to getting more kids!

*Note, responses were slightly edited for grammatical reasons

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