New School Update

Hi everyone!

We wanted to give you all an update on how the first month of the new school has been going! A huge thank you to Success and her staff for all of their hard working in getting the school up and running! It has not been easy with 10+ kids and only one teacher but Success and the teacher are doing their best to help these kids transition to the school as many have never had the opportunity to attend school before.

The kids spend their days playing with toys, learning how to write numbers and letters, and singing nursery rhythms. Success mentioned she did not know she could experience so much joy from seeing these kids learn. We are grateful for everyone’s support to make this all possible!

One of the biggest challenges for our school has been transportation. Since we do not have a bus, we are relying on taxis to take small groups of kids to school. While this transportation method is doable for now, it will be challenging to only use taxis as our school expands. We are continuing to look into purchasing a school van and hope to be able to raise enough funds for one at our next fundraiser!





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