Rocking to Raise the Roof – Thank you!


Thank you so much to everyone that came to our fundraiser last weekend! We had a blast and it was so great to see everyone come together for our cause.

We were able to raise enough to money to pay for the remainder of the roof! With 7 weeks left before the new school year, we are anxious and working hard to get the building completed. We are hoping that the building will be ready for us to use by then and the finishing touches will be done as we open our school.

We want to give a special thank you to everyone who made this event possible:

D’Art Band, for their spectacular music
Band members: Jerry, Pete, Waldon, Celeste, Craig, and Jane
Jessica for working the sound all night
Jerry Teevens, Erica’s uncle, for coordinating everything with the venue and getting event details set
Don and Eric for their music performance
Dave Wagner from 90.9 FM for announcing our event on the air several times
Nishat Islam for providing her time and supplies for the beautiful henna tattoos
Becka Birman and Bet Akpabli for bringing their Ghanaian goods
The Jeng Family & Nakashima family for their food and drink donations, Kristina for bringing cupcakes and Lizzie for cookies
Our volunteer coordinators for helping out at the event, from manning the bar and the front door to helping clean up: Eric M., Jason, Kristina, Tiffany, Lizzie, Mike, and Julie

Lastly, thank you to all of our supporters that donated and/or attended. Without your support, we would not be able to do the things we do.

Check back in a few weeks for updates on the school!

Erica’s Global Outreach


Click here for more pictures from the event!

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