May 2012 Charity Event

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Thank you to everyone that made this event a HUGEEEE success!  Altogether we were able to raise over $5000!  This will be used to start fixing /building Erica Memorial International School, constructing a urinal for the school, and buying desks, chairs, and other necessary school supplies. Part of these funds will also go towards building the FL Faith Child home a new toilet.

Thank you to everyone that helped make this event possible

Mayumi Teevens: for all of the beautiful works of art that she graciously donated

Jim and Ken Teevens: for helping set up and bring all of the paintings

Ami’s parentss: for cooking for 2 days straight to provide for the dinner buffet; and Mrs. Nakashima for donating all of her time and supplies making jewelry

The Jeng family: for their delicious Taiwanese dishes

Nishat Islam: for donating all of her time and supplies for the henna station; and her family for the delicious samosas

Kristina Bray and her family: for their donation of soup from Zoup!

Zen Chen: for all of the drink and food donations

Megan Barber: for her delicious vegan baked goods and for helping with the raffle/prizes

Phil Gallagher: for gathering many of the gift certificate raffle prizes

Autumn Hauer: for all of the Betsy Johnson donations

Thomas Xu: for setting up the photo area and taking pictures throughout the event

My work connections: for all of the nice donations Apple TV, gift certificates, sporting tickets, and so much more.

To Janie, Jordan, Linsey, Danny, Sho, Sean, Eric, Jeff,  Willie, Julie, Gannon, Tom, and Lizzie:  Thank you for helping us clean, set up, and keep the event running smoothly!!!

And a huge thank you to all of those that attended our event.  We appreciate your ongoing support and dedication to our mission and honoring Erica’s dreams – without your help, we would not be able to do the things we do.

Click here to view pictures from the event!

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